Thursday, January 27, 2011

Evan Yeti

Evan Yeti is an entertaining webcomic. I want to see how -- or rather, if -- Evan will find his missing family. This is his quest and the Snowman Coal is kind of like his sidekick.

This sort of summarizes the plot so far. Them getting into trouble while looking for Evan's family. And  fighting walruses.

Recently the penguin Hank was found under the ice, and the polar bear Charlie pushes Evan and Coal in there with him. Turns out its a Munch-a-Chomp tunnel. I assume the bear's intention was that they would help Hank find a way to escape. Unfortunately they run into the Munch-a-Chomp whose tunnel it presumably is...

Presently it looks like Evan Yeti is getting Munch-a-Chomped. Let's hope someone comes to his rescue! For what is a webcomic without its star?

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Evan Yeti said...

Thanks for review! I posted a link from my Facebook profile. Looks like we're into a lot of the same stuff.
I'm learning about some cool books here!